Licensing Field

The rights to our patent pending infusion process and formulation for THC infusion. Our proprietary formulation contains the entire batch of clean label ingredients necessary for producing first class cannabis products that meet consumer demand. We ship this pre-concentrate in bulk as one solution and supply all equipment and knowledge needed for final processing.

Qualifying Licensees

Fully compliant manufacturers and distributors licensed in a state or country where cannabis is legalized. We partner with companies that display a strong management team and sound business model with high growth potential.

Licensing Territory

Our licensing model grants exclusivity within each territory. This philosophy aligns with shipping laws and gives our licensees a superior advantage over their competitors. 

Strategic Partnership

Our licensing model provides a turnkey platform that support its licensees to ensure a strong and successful partnership. As a strategic partner we invest in your success and offer ongoing product development and sales support for life of contract. 

Processing Benefits

Our innovative process requires minimal space and manpower to operate, It is a novel low energy method with production scalability of 1 Liter per minute for each unit. Multiple units available for licensees if necessary. 

  • 200 square feet needed for production. 

How Does It Work?



We ship our proprietary pre-concentrate formula without the active ingredient THC. 



You supply your own THC from compliant distributor within your legalized territory. 



We provide you the equipment and knowledge for infusing THC with our patent pending technology. 

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