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Canateq Holdings Corp invests in the development and commercialization of novel cannabis technologies. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Canateq Cannaceuticals Inc, has engineered a water soluble delivery platform for the infusion of functional cannabis ingredients into a broad range of product segments. Our intellectual property is monetized with a robust distribution and licensing model through a combination of mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. This fundamental approach expands our distribution footprint and positions us to meet the growing demand for science based solutions.



CanateqRX is a revolutionary water soluble delivery system developed to enhance oral bioavailability and amplify the effects of cannabinoid compounds. We integrate a synergistic matrix of multi-functional ingredients to maintain optical clarity and overcome the absorption, taste and stability challenges faced by product developers and process engineers. 

This innovated formulation is a clean label nano emulsion that combines several patented technologies with a complex fluid manipulation process for the most bioavailable, shelf stable and great tasting product on the market. 



Add CanateqRX CBD to your beverage brand for product differentiation and competitive marketing advantages. 



Exclusive licensing of CanateqRX THC for compliant companies in the legal cannabis market. 



Custom formulation and product development available to existing clients for additional fee.  

Management Team


Josh Downey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a background in athletics and coaching, Josh Downey brings the experiences of team building and talent development into his work in the cannabis industry as founder and CEO of Canateq Holdings Corp. With a proven history of success during a highly decorated coaching career, Josh has implemented a similar leadership model into business. His focus on the details of the process and building an organization with high character people remain as core values. Josh earned his B.A. degree from Concordia College and his M.A. degree in Athletic Administration from Gonzaga University. 

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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Lucas Wenthe

General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Lucas Wenthe is a highly successful business executive, bringing expertise from his experience as a patent attorney to the team at Canateq Holdings Corp. He applies his experiences as the director of commercialization for a global medical device company to his role as Chief Operations Officer, ensuring a smooth experience for our strategic partners. Lucas received his B.S. degree from Illinois State University in Computer Science and a J.D. from Southern Illinois School of Law. 

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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Dustin White

Chief Financial Officer

A proven leader and analytic strategist, Dustin White is focused on delivering results for Canateq Holdings Corp. and its strategic partners. White has held positions in some of the most recognized financial companies, where operational analysis and business optimization became his focus. White is dedicated to helping companies oversee their financialswhile recognizing opportunities for economic growth. Dustin is highly educated with a B.A. degree in Math & Economics from Concordia College, a M.A. degree in Statistics & Econometrics from Colorado State University & a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt degree from Villanova University. 

Denver, Colorado

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Innovation Team

Our innovation team at Canateq Cannaceuticals is led by a highly successful scientist with over 30 years experience delivering hydrophobic functional ingredients into a variety of food and beverage products. We collaborate with an extensive network of experts in the fields of science, chemistry, nutrition, flavoring, culinary, cannabis, nanotechnology and pharmacokinetics to develop cutting edge infusion technologies. 

Canateq Cannaceuticals Inc. is California based biotech company focused on developing science based cannabis technologies applicable to a broad range of market segments.

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Scott Wetzel

Strategic Advisor for mergers, acquisitions, growth and exit strategy, 


David Fowler

Strategic Advisor for export shipping logistics and industry supply chains.


Matthew Hay

Strategic Advisor for compliance and product development.



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Canateq Holdings

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