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Canateq Holdings is a modern nano-biotech company focused on accelerating the functional beverage market with our next generation molecule activation technology. 


Intellectual property

CANATEQ is a patent pending nano-processor that rapidly converts large oil substances into active ingredients. This Innovative technology is a modern upgrade over traditional methods and utilizes green technology to reduce particle size into nano range that is more compatible with water. 


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CanateqCBD Liquid Concentrate

Canateq is a clear, tasteless and water soluble delivery system developed to enhance the effects of functional beverages by increasing the absorption rate of cannabinoids. This consumer oriented solution meets the growing demand for science based products using GRAS ingredients. 

  • Maintains the taste, clarity and nutritional value in finished products. 
  • Allows consumers to reduce their dose and increase effects.  




CBD Infused Beverages

Beverage brands looking to add CBD as a functional ingredient to their new or existing product line.




Water soluble CBD solution for simple integration into manufacturing process. Accurate dosing and competitive advantage.

Co-packers and bottling facilities with simple integration into any stage of manufacturing process.




Wholesale distribution to global markets seeking CBD for functional beverages.

Suppliers and distributors with established relationships to brands, manufacturers and co-packers.

International commercialization through a robust licensing model for both the THC and CBD markets.

For Infusion

The rights to our patent pending infusion process and formulation for infusion in a variety of applications. We ship this pre-concentrate in bulk as one solution and supply all equipment and knowledge needed for final processing. Licensees receive exclusivity within each state/territory. Available to fully compliant and licensed companies.